Dadcore $200 USD

The Dadcore shirt is a play on the everyday oxford shirt but is elevated with a tailored fit, welt patch pocket and papery oxford cloth.

  • White/Translucent nylon-swirled buttons.
  • Fine stitching throughout garment.
  • Diagonal buttonhole on neck band.
  • Structured collar and cuff.
  • Scalloped shirt hem
  • Full Collar *Can come with or without button down
  • Rounded Cuff
  • Inverted back pleat with Locker Loop
  • Welt Chest Pocket
  • Woven Interfacing is made in Germany
  • Made in Toronto

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Fabric Choices

  • Codes 8051, 8052, 8056
    (8051, White Pictured and 8052, Light Blue Pictured)
  • Canclini, Italian Milled, 100% cotton, 180-205 grams